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We are TMT Family Cleaning LLC, your everyday residential and commercial cleaning solution.  Do you often find that there is not enough hours in a day to effectively clean and disinfect your home. During these uncertain times, families need help doing basic things like disinfecting.  You might find yourself working 2 jobs, working from home and distance learning with your children.  You don’t have time to deep clean and disinfect your homes/offices. 


We are a local, affordable family-owned cleaning company with over 20 yrs experience, servicing Fairfield and New Haven County. Ready to ease some of your daily/covid worries and help you feel safe.  We use top quality products for cleaning and disinfecting.  If you are looking for a reliable and meticulous cleaning company than our local family cleaning company is the right choice for you. Let TMT tackle the tough stuff.

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Our Story

As a child I used to travel with my grandmother to go and clean people's homes. It was a wonderful feeling when they came home and saw how clean and fresh their house smelled.  I watched how my grandmother struggled to bend down, so I told myself, I don't ever want elderly to have to go through that. I then watch my uncle who had struggled with drugs and served time in prison come out and start his own cleaning business.  He made sure to hire those that had been in jail. That sparked my interest in wanting to go into cleaning for myself. I went on to work for my uncle for many years until he passed away.  I enjoy cleaning, it always makes me feel closer to both my grandmother and uncle.


The impact of a clean home to those that are elderly, who can't bend down to pick up an onion skin that fell on the floor, then piles up to a dirty mess.  A single mother or families who just do not have time to keep up with life's everyday messiness can become very stressful, especially during this pandemic.  When a mom can come home cook and help their children with homework without worrying about a dirty home or germs that is a great feeling and stress reliever.


After my uncle’s death, I decided to do this for myself and continue where he left off.  TMT Family Cleaning Co. is a top-notch janitorial cleaning service. We believe in giving back to our community. We provide excellent deep cleaning for businesses, residential, move in and out cleaning and covid-19 disinfectant to all surfaces. I’m not sure what other companies’ strengths are, but our customers tell us, we are very detailed and clean with passion.  It’s not just a job, we go above and beyond to give our customers quality work that fits their budget.  My mother-in-law lights up when I show up once a month to clean her home because she struggles like my grandmother did.  

Telly Martin


We are here for you.


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